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Enhancing Business through Brain Cognition

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The focus is to exponentially enhance professionalism for teams and companies by focusing on the science behind a creative's brain health and mental health. Using modern day brain & behavioral sciences with the insight of Psychologists and Neuroscientists, Entertainment Mindframe works with brands and groups of professionals behind the scenes, strategically applying the most effective work flow for long term results. 


·     Increase project efficiency

·     Advance Creative Productivity

·     Expand & expedite work load capacity & turnaround times

·     Eliminate miscommunication

·     Create a behavioral aware environment

·     Lower team tension

·     Increase employee retention rate 

·     Science Communication Material for Projects


​Services Include:

·     Professional Development Training

·     Cognitive Diversity Training

·     Social Emotional Learning

·     Science Communication Consulting

·     Project Consulting 

·     Interviews and Screenings for teams or projects

·     Interactive workshops

·     Seminars/ Webinars

·     Company/Team on-site Training

Services for:


·     Creative Teams

·     Creative- based Organizations

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