Adaire Byerly is the founder of Entertainment Mindframe, a brain and mental health-based company that focuses on developing professionalism in creative lead industries. 


Her background covers over a decade in the world of Fashion & Entertainment as a Professional Model and Commercial Actress leading her to work with top level creatives. Through the years, she has been published and recognized in numerous beauty Magazines, including the internationally distinguished magazine VOGUE. By working with and being represented by Film and Editorial executives, she earned her eligibility to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Over the years she decided to combine her first-hand experience of working with high level creatives, as well as her love for science to solve the infamous gap in business professionalism. Today, Adaire is a licensed Practitioner in NLP, Neuroplasticity. She also holds certification in Behavioral Health Integration and Cognitive Behavioral Group Facilitation.


Currently, she is engaged in continuing education for Neuroscience Fundamentals through Harvard, and Neurobiology of Trauma under the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.


To ensure that her methods are effective, she stays current with up-to-date research in brain and behavioral sciences. Incorporating these modern-day sciences, as well as her first-hand experience, she tackles the intangible & infamous issues that creatives struggle with, directly strengthening the level of professionalism, project efficiency & company success.