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Meet Adaire: Professional Model, Brain and Behavioral Educator, MMA analyst and trailblazer, making history as an African American woman commentating in combat sports. 

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About Adaire

Adaire Byerly is your distinctive MMA/ combat

personality covering events through Journalism with Fansided,

live interviews and is a leading representative for

African-American Women commentating in the sport.

Adaire's involvement in MMA began 10 years ago wanting to

learn self-defense as an effort to recover from an abusive


Through training she not only learned her strength as a

competitive athlete by training with professional fighters

and coaches, she also fell in love with the technicality,

communication and entertainment of the sport. 

Adaire has a diverse background in fashion, film entertainment,

and media. Recognized as an international Model, she has been

Published in numerous magazines including Vogue, later earning her eligibility as a member of the Screen Actors Guild


She is licensed and certified in numerous studies focusing on brain and behavioral sciences and implements this knowledge in her expertise to elevate entertainment organizations through her company, Entertainment Mindframe as seen in Forbes. Adaire's various knowledge & expertise allows her to bring the sport a rare perspective through understanding psychology and human behavior, presenting the audience a unique, educational, and exciting experience. 



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