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Balancing Peace, Power and Determination

Neuroplasticity- The ability for the brain to change its physical structure. There has been a long-standing belief system that our brains are permanently stamped by a very young age. However, Neuroscience has proven that we have the power to rewire those neuro pathways at any moment in our lives by our daily behaviors, surrounding environments, content that we choose to watch, or even topics that we choose to speak about. During such changes, the brain is able to eliminate neural connections that are no longer useful to your life and strengthen the necessary ones.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- Is defined as a form of psychotherapy that treats psychological based or life-altering problems and boosts the biochemical, serotonin (responsible for your happiness) by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors & thoughts. CBT has been proven to treat health disorders such as PTSD, Eating Disorders, Depression & Anxiety, all very common mental or physical states that we often find in the world of fame.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)- ​This is a psychological strategy that was developed in 1970 by John Grinder, a linguistic specialist, and Richard Bandler, a scientist & mathematician. It is a communication approach based off our Neurological process. Neuro Is the Nervous system which is a complex collection of neurons that transmit information through our entire body. Linguistic, is the way we communicate verbally, nonverbally and physically. Programming is the structure we either build up or break down that ultimately shapes our behaviors & belief systems. This approach has also treated depression, anxiety, learning disorders & phobias.

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