"Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."


- Carl Gustav Jung


The ultimate decision maker & driver of our lives. The Entertainment, Media and Fashion Industry are high-demanding professions that easily influence our minds as professionals. Understanding those demands, as well as our ability to change our neural network, provides us the power to navigate the industry with strategic thinking, business morality, proficient time management, and professional courtesy. All of which will challenge each individual in this fast-paced industry to bring out forward thinking and develop their ability to lead.


Perception is reality. How is this relevant in this line of work? Imagine a group of talented individuals, from different parts of the world, whose brains are moving faster than they can speak. Each of those individuals have an internal processing network that projects into the world around them, creating a Work Environment that may not seem so "Professional" at times. The way to shift these environments is by understanding and building better communication skills through NLP and proficient use of Etymology- the study of words, and understanding the way they have changed throughout history.


Business works from the inside out, much like people do. We dive into the introspective relationships that each person develops within themselves through their ego, association, and title. This pattern creates belief systems that effect the “Limbic system” (Emotional Brain). This is responsible for our feelings/ human behavior, dominance and decision making, and directly effects the “Prefrontal cortex” that is responsible for our analytical thought, conscious thought, sensory perception and human language.

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