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“Kiss Me Ass!!” Paddy Pimblet calls out Fat Shamers

Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblet UFC, Lightweight contender shows us another side (Literally), making a memorable statement for the "fat Shamers” by showing his bum during the London weigh-ins.

He successfully makes weight at 156 for his opponent Jordan Leavitt, then proceeds to address the camera:

“For everyone that tried to fat shame me and said I’d miss weight or f****** pull out, Kiss my ass.”

@UFCEurope, Twitter

The Baddy has quickly rose to the top as a fan favorite since his UFC debut in September of 2021 with his colorful character and entertaining fights giving viewers back-to-back finishes.

All though Paddy is a favorite, he has also gained skeptical attention from fans about his weight and image due to photos circulating social media platforms. In the past, Pimblet has been comfortable and carefree about being a foodie, publicly showing his weight increasing close to 200ibs which taunted the fans to take a dig. However, Paddy counters these critics with humor and his alluring unbothered attitude.

Never ceasing to amaze, Paddy commits to the camp and accomplishes a body transformation leaving the critics, fellow athletes and media in awe. Once again, Paddy Pimblet proves why he is “The Baddy” not only inside the octagon, but outside the octagon as well. Tune in tomorrow, July 23rd, 2:00pm CST for UFC London Fight Night: Blades VS Aspinall.

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